What We Do

Producing high-quality tools requires coordination of several areas: research and development, experienced and skilled employees, strong relationships with our customers, and a connection with skilled people in machining and electronics. At Telemetrix, we consider all these aspects of our business every day and make them work together to give our customers the best tools to help them get the job done.

What we do

pulser imgMore than a supplier of industry leading pulsers-
In the beginning, Telemetrix developed and refined a motorized linear mud-pulser system that is 500% more efficient than conventional solenoid-type pulsers. Five years of rigorous usage in extreme conditions has proven this tool to be a leader in MWD technology. It is with this same hunger for perfection that Telemetrix continues to conceive and design state of the art technology. We aren’t satisfied with status quo and we know that today’s market leader is tomorrow’s forgotten technology.

After our 150C took the market by storm, we came out with the 177C, allowing customers to use the Telemetrix pulser in a hot hole environment. We are now perfecting the Tuffshot, a revolutionary top mount rotary pulser, with unmatched LCM tolerance. The Tuffshot has an older brother, the NVADER, our bottom mount rotary pulser that will soon be lockable and retrievable. Even as we develop new products, we continue to look at ways to improve the old. With some of the best engineers in the industry, innovation never sleeps at Telemetrix.