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An LCM tolerant pulser that can be retrieved

"This tool gives the operator what they want: An LCM tolerant pulser that can be retrieved."

With NVADER bottom mounted rotary pulse technology, you get the benefit of an LCM tolerant pulser, without sacrificing the luxury of being able to retrieve the tool. This pulser has been knocking out wells in some of the most extreme environments on the planet since 2005, and the technology is finally available to the open market.

Unmatched LCM Tolerance
Other BHA components will clog before the NVADER. The tool has not been packed off since its 2005 inception.

Practical Design
From 6-3/4" down to 4-3/4" tools, a standard UBHO sub can be used. This will allow you to utilize the majority of your existing UBHO sub fleet.

Cost Effective
Minimal parts are required to stage the tool for various flow rates. From 6-3/4" down to 4-3/4" tools, simply changing the rotor is all that is required to set up for the next run.

Simple Maintenance
Standard maintenance for the NVADER tool takes about 3 hours.

Running rotary connectors? We will build the tool to suit your application.‚Äč
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