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Telemetrix Company News

A real game changer in top-mounted LCM technology

Introducing the tool we have all been waiting for:
The Telemetrix Tuffshot Top Mounted Rotary Pulser. Say goodbye to the tedious process of staging for various flow rates and tool sizes. With the Tuffshot, it can all be done in the field, in about 10 minutes.

Class Leading Efficiency
Batteries draining your margins? We've got you covered. The Tuffshot is roughly twice as efficient as its competition.

Practical Design
Forget the days of using custom subs. The Tuffshot runs in a standard UBHO. Throw your conventional UBHO sub above the monel and start making some hole.

Cost Effective
Forget the lower end. Forget the mule shoe sleeve. No need to buy a complete pulser for each tool size. Simply change out the stator cap in the field, and get ready for the next hole size.

Simple Maintenance
Eliminate the 16 hour pulser turns. Standard maintenance for the Tuffshot takes about 2 hours. Customizable Running resistivity? Running rotary connectors? We will build the tool to suit your application.

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