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Headquartered on Calgary, Alberta Canada with operational offices in Conroe TX, Telemetrix is a global leader in MWD technology, having pioneered an industry leading positive pulse pulser that is still being used in most MWD kits in America. At Telemetrix the drive for innovation never stops and we continue to develop tools that are addressing industry challenges head on.


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Producing high-quality tools requires coordination of several areas: research and development, experienced and skilled employees, strong relationships with our customers, and a connection with skilled people in machining and electronics. At Telemetrix, we consider all these aspects of our business every day and make them work together to give our customers the best tools to help them get the job done.


Because we design and manufacture, we have developed precision testing equipment to test, troubleshoot and verify the operation of our own equipment. This insures that we give you the best tools available. Tools you can count in to get the job done in today’s most demanding drilling environments. We can provide you with automated purge systems, gamma testers, PDSI Boxes, and break out boxes.

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Introducing the tool we have all been waiting for: The Telemetrix Tuffshot Top Mounted Rotary Pulser. Say goodbye to the tedious process of staging for various flow rates and tool sizes. With the Tuffshot, it can all be done in the field, in about 10 minutes.​Class Leading EfficiencyBatteries draining your margins? We've got you covered. The Tuffsh...
Company News
"This tool gives the operator what they want: An LCM tolerant pulser that can be retrieved."With NVADER bottom mounted rotary pulse technology, you get the benefit of an LCM tolerant pulser, without sacrificing the luxury of being able to retrieve the tool. This pulser has been knocking out wells in some of the most extreme environments on the plan...